Sustainability and the Smurfs

An exchange with Philippe Glorieux

Philippe Glorieux talks about sustainability and the licensing business in the sixth episode of our Spielwarenmesse podcast

The latest Podcast episode is all about one of the most successful licences, the Smurfs. First appearing in comics in the late 1950s, the figures later achieved worldwide familiarity as a result of countless animated series and films. Under a cooperation agreement with the United Nations, in 2017 the Smurfs also advertised the organisation’s sustainable development goals. The story of how this cooperation came about is told by Philippe Glorieux, Head of Marketing, IMPS The Smurfs.

In conversation with Celine Koch of Spielwarenmesse eG, he also offers insights into the licensing sector and considers whether sustainability has a role to play in licensing. In addition, he reveals the significance of sustainable living for the Smurfs and what new adventures the fans of the cult figures can expect.