We embody the principles of sustainability

The sparing use of our limited ecological resources is of particular concern to us. That is why our team has made it its business to constantly implement new projects in order to improve the overall ecological balance of our company.

Green trade fair presence

We support our exhibitors with regular updates on sustainability and tips on how they can enjoy a sustainable trade fair presence, even helping them out ourselves. One key word with regard to sustainability is the idea of "green partnering", which means that we question our service providers with regard to their environmentally conscious actions and their sustainable use of resources.

Trade fairs generate a lot of waste. In Germany alone, around 8 million square metres of carpets are laid at trade fairs every year – and disposed of again after having been used only once! In this context, Spielwarenmesse eG is focusing on the sustainable use of raw materials and recycles its trade fair carpets – made of 100% polypropylene – after use. After being taken up, the carpets are pressed into bales and taken to a special recycling plant where they are checked, shredded and made into polypropylene granulate. These granules are mainly used in the plastics industry, including in the manufacture of toys. And so last year's used trade fair carpets may even find their way back to Spielwarenmesse® – in the display cases of some of the exhibitors.

Tickets to our trade fair also entitle ticket holders to travel on public transport – a great reason for exhibitors and visitors to use these more environmentally friendly ways of travelling.

Green electricity at trade fair events

All Spielwarenmesse participants can look forward to solar power. Around 12,700 photovoltaic modules have been installed at the Nuremberg exhibition centre since March 2023. In total, seven exhibition halls and the multi-storey car park will be equipped with around 21,000 photovoltaic modules by summer 2024. The aim is to achieve a CO2-neutral energy supply by 2028.

Everyday office life – every little thing counts!

Our daily office routine has also changed to the benefit of the environment. All print materials are printed using FSC-certified paper – no exceptions. Where possible, we provide digital information instead of printed information material. Instead of PET bottles, employees drink exclusively from glass water bottles so as not to pollute the environment with additional plastic. We support the staff using an environmentally friendly way to work. Thanks to the subsidised public transport ticket.